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A bit more about Kate Norris …

Becoming a wedding florist was a slow process and my journey didn’t start until I was 36.

After being a pub General Manager for 10 years I took redundancy at the age of 36. At this time I was kicking the dust waiting for my college course to start in 2007. So I threw myself at the mercy of a lovely florist friend who at the time had a busy town centre florist shop. She kindly showed me the ropes and I learned the essentials of good floristry housekeeping such as conditioning flowers, the basics of bouquet making, scrubbing buckets, planning and preparation for events and key calendar dates. Working there on an adhoc basis for the next 2 years was my destiny – as was loving every moment!


Horticultural college was my next step, in 2007. Qualifying in 2009 with a HND! Working as a gardener while still doing occasional bouquets and Christmas door wreaths was the next stage of my journey.

In 2012 I started doing Christmas door wreath workshops and started the basis of what is now my flower farm. It was my intention at the time to just grow flowers for florists and offer special occasions and gift bouquet floristry to my rural community.

By 2016 it became obvious to me that just selling flowers to florists wasn’t going to make a sustainable living for me so I made the decision to offer small wedding floristry services. In 2018 I booked myself onto a fabulous week long intensive course focused on the business of wedding floristry with an amazing florist called Jay Archer…I was hooked and since then I haven’t looked back.


I still sell flowers to my fellow florists in fact it is now hand in hand an integral part of my business.

The magic for me is seeing professional images of my wedding florals and every time I receive a new image gallery I am overjoyed to look at my work and see the look of joy on my clients faces.

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Photographer credit: Gill Haves Unfurl Photography 

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