Christmas Wreath Workshop in a Box

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If you cannot come to me for your annual Christmas door wreath workshop then I am bringing my special brand of kit to you, improved year after year I have finally got the best diy kit for you right here.

Each kit includes a mossed ring, reel of wire, stub wire to make your hanging loop and bow, 6 different foliage – Blue Fir, Ivy, Rosemary, Conifer, Pine and Irish Eucalyptus, there are all my favourite winter foliage to work with.
Then just like the old fashioned sweetie pick & mix, you can select your decorations, you can choose as many or as little as you wish, you can go colour co-ordinated or a rainbow riot.
All the dried fruits, cinnamon sticks and pinecones have been hand wired by us  ready for you so you don’t need to worry about spoiling your decorations, after all if you were attending one of my actual in-person workshops these would all be ready for you!
Its all right here for you to choose, from dressed cinnamon with raffia or satin ribbon and co ordinating bow ribbons, to wired orange and apple slices, whole dried lemons to dried orange slices, secateurs and wire cutters, I have thought of everything so you don’t have to.
Included in your purchase are 2 options for tuition on how to make your door wreath.
a) you can opt for a link to access a professional video tutorial by me so you can watch at leisure in your time and at your own pace, this would be great to do with someone in your family bubble
b) book your place on a live virtual workshop via zoom and there will be a group of us together so you have have your own nibbles and tipple handy and no taxi home afterwards  – its a win win!
Dates and times to book this option are at the ordering stage below.
First select your base size
10″ £30.00
12″ £35.00
14″ £40.00
16″ £45.00
18″ £50.00
Then the fun begins!
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Cinnamon dressed in raffia and wired, with 6 colours to choose from and 5 pieces per colour and for the rainbow you can opt for 1 of each colour
Red, Orange, Purple, Yellow, Aquamarine, Green and Natural
£3.00 per colour option
Rainbow option – 1 of each colour, 6 colours
Cinnamon dressed in satin and wired, with 10 colours to choose from and 5 pieces per colour you are not spoiled for choice and we have left tails on so you can trim the ribbon if you like.
Sage Green
Vintage Rose
Rose Gold
Deep Rose Gold
£3.50 per colour option
Dried Options
Dried Sliced Oranges 5 wired sets (10 slices in total) £3.50
Dried Sliced Green Oranges 5 wired sets (10 slices in total) £3.50
Dried Sliced Red Apple 5 wired sets (10 slices in total) £3.50
Dried Pine cone 3 pieces £3.00
Dried Whole Oranges 3 pieces £3.00
Dried Whole Green Oranges 3 pieces £3.00
Dried Whole Lemons 3 pieces £3.00
Dried Lotus Heads 3 pieces £3.00
Finishing touches most importantly is the ribbon for the bow, you get to make this at the end!
Burgundy Satin £1.80
Rose Gold Satin £1.80
Deep Rose Gold Satin £1.80
Sage Green Satin £1.80
Vintage Rose Satin £1.80
Claret Satin £1.80
Gold Satin £1.80
Silver Satin £1.80
Purple Satin £1.80
Chocolate £1.80
Mocha £1.80
Luxury Red Satin £2.50
Luxury Wired Edged ribbon all £2.50
Poinsettia white trim on hessian
Poinsettia red and gold on hessian
Pinecone on ribbon on hessian
Bronze gold leaf on hessian
Burlap natural 
Burlap dark
Gold on hessian
Peacock shimmer 
Peacock gold on green hessian
Tartan gold
Velvet – single sided
Dark red
Floristry Secateurs £18.95
Floristry wire cutters £ 13.95
Live virtual workshop dates:
Wednesday 25th November 7pm
Thursday 26th November 7pm
Friday 27th November 7pm
Wednesday 2nd December 7pm
Thursday 3rd December 7pm
Friday 4th December 7pm
Wednesday 9th December 7pm
Thursday 10th December 7pm
Friday 11th December 7pm  [FULL]
Saturday 12th December 2pm
Saturday 12th December 6pm
Wednesday 16th December 7pm
Thursday 17th December 7pm
All kits will be wrapped and packed with care and attention, any discrepancies or damages must be reported on the day of delivery, photographic evidence will also need to be provided.
On delivery you must open you parcel and unpack carefully, check the contents against your order,  the mossed ring will be wrapped in a fully biodegradable bag and the foliage will be in a separate bag. Please do not leave the box on it side or in a warm environment.
Unpack the foliage and put immediately into buckets of water to keep hydrated until you are ready to make your wreath.
****I do not advise booking your virtual workshop place for the week after your delivery, it is best to book it for the same week of delivery.****


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