Growing Dahlias for Cut Flowers

Are you new to growing flowers for cutting? or new to flower farming? This is a 3 part live real time workshop focussed totally on growing dahlias and will equip you with the knowledge to enable you to grow bountiful and beautiful blooms for years to come.
We grow over 600 dahlia plants every year for my business, some  just for my own flower farm use, some for potted sales and some Kate grows to trial the colour and stem length for our location. Kate’s growing regime allows for the first  blooms to be cut as early as mid to end of June onwards and allows for hundreds and hundreds of stems cut for florists, weddings and pick your own events.
This is a 3 part online workshop in real time covering the most important stages of growing dahlias for cutting, from the very first stage of potting up and setting away for cuttings, propagating to growing on and planting out to feeding, maintenance and disbudding to promote stems for cutting.
Each workshop will be 1.5hrs long and may overrun, the dates for each workshop are times accordingly to follow the natural growing season.
The dates for these are:
Early bird course dates
Sunday 28th February 2021 10 am
Sunday 28th March 2021 10am
Sunday 25th April 2021 10am
Second set course dates:
Sunday 28th March 2021 1pm
Sunday 25th April 2021 1pm
Sunday 23rd May 1pm
The course zoom invitation will be sent out a few days before each date by email directly, to ensure you do not lose your invite please add me to your address book
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