Rose Growing for Beginners

Have you a rose bush in your garden and it has lost it’s sparkle? Have you moved into a house with a garden and inherited some rose bushes and just not sure where to start with them?
Have you been given a potted rose bush and just don’t know what to do with it?
Then this informative 1 and a half hour real time live zoom workshop is just for you.
I grow over 190 specialist roses for my flower farm, mostly all for their scent first and foremost and then colour, all are used throughout the season within my weddings and also sold to other wedding florists too and by special request they are used in my seasonal gift bouquets.
This online workshop aims to demystify rose growing in your garden at home, it will help you learn how to prune and when, how to provide easy to do maintenance and care throughout the year and your rose bush will reward you with a bounty of blooms year after year. I will discuss pest and disease issues and how to deal with them.
This workshop is aimed at floribunda and tea rose varieties which are the most common garden varieties.
I will be teaching live from my rose polytunnel, so even if it rains the workshop still happens! I’ll be demonstrating how to prune and where and how to plant a bare root rose too. Towards the end of the workshop there will be time to ask your important questions about your roses and go over anything I have talked about.
Your workshop invitation will be sent by direct email a couple of days before the workshop date so to ensure you do not miss your invitation please add me to your email address book
Cost per person is £35.00, starts 10am finishes 11.30am Sunday 7th March 2021


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