Sowing for Summer Flowers

Summer Flower sow-a-long on Saturday 27th February 2021*
I love nothing more than spending Saturday’s after Valentines in my greenhouse enjoying a therapeutic quiet few hours selecting varieties and sowing seeds to get my summer flowers off to a good start.
I grow hundreds of hardy annual plants to give me a never ending abundance of colour and choice for my weddings, gift bouquets, pick your own events and for florists too.
You’ll join me on a real time virtual workshop, you can be in the warm comfort of your own home and I shall be in my greenhouse!
I will talk about my favourite hardy annuals to grow, colours and varieties I am growing for colour this summer and advise you what you can grow in your own garden.
I will demonstrate how I sow different hardy annual varieties  and best germination techniques, the best peat free compost to use and materials you can use at home which do not cost you the earth not only in pounds but environmentally too. You can if you wish do your seed sowing during this workshop with me guiding you, you will need compost and materials ready listed further below.
The workshop will last for 2 hours and will include your choice of seed collection listed below, towards the end of the workshop there will be plenty of time for Q&A so have your questions ready.
Seed Collections to choose from and if you wish to order more you can do so at a cost of £15 per collection with 5 varieties per collection with plenty of seed to make repeat sowings right up until the summer solstice.
Wonderful Whites
Moody Blues
Rainbow in the Sky
Dolly Mixture
Varieties I select are good all round summer flowering annuals, including sweet peas, larkspur, calendula, sunflowers, amaranthus, nigella to name just a few. 
Date options:
Workshop: Saturday 27th February 2021, 10am – 12pm / followup on 21st March, 9am – 9.30am
Workshop: Saturday 21st March 2021, 10am – 12pm / followup on 18th April, 10am – 10.30am
This workshop cost includes the half hour follow up 3 weeks later where we can compare germination and talk about how to care for your seedlings.
If you wish to sow your seeds during the main workshop you will need seed sowing compost, peat free if possible, seed trays, a large tray like a big baking tray with sides, pencil, labels, watering can with water,if you wish to recycle trays for your seed sowing you can use fruit punnets, mushroom punnets or meat punnets from your shopping and use a steel or kebab sticks to melt drainage holes in the bottom.
Your zoom invitation will be sent by email a few days before the workshop date to ensure you do not miss it add my email address to your address book


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